Leaders: Get in the Trenches and Connect!

By Colette Carlson


Five Great Things about Screwing Up

by Colette Carlson

colette-carlson-5-great-things-about-screwing-upWhat was your latest, greatest mistake? Was it when you attached the wrong client proposal, or maybe your idea for that leads campaign that went over budget and ended in record-low quarterly sales…? Or maybe you can’t even talk about it because it’s too embarrassing!

Understandable, but think about this for a moment: isn’t the shame you feel over your error, whatever it was, worse than simply admitting you were wrong and moving on? Shame causes us to try and hide our slip-ups, but keeping them locked in our heads actually feeds their power. The resulting anxiety drags us down by forcing us to cover up or overcompensate. Fear increases because, as most of us know, a cover up nearly always comes back to bite us…and usually at the most inopportune time possible.In truth, every mistake – big, small, or in-between – is actually a precious gift (even if its wrapping is revolting). Changing your attitude toward failure can help you face it and grow stronger as a result.

  • Making mistakes is a sign that we’re taking risks. People who don’t take risks trade learning and progress for safety. Feel good about trying and failing rather than doing nothing. In fact, sit down and create your own personal resume of flops. Be as detailed and thorough as possible. Now, think about what each item on your tally of turkeys taught you, or how something positive came from it. You may find that some of those on-the-job mishaps actually furthered your career.

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3 Ways to Eliminate Faulty Focus

by Colette Carlson

motivational-speaker-colette-carlson-says-eliminate-faulty-focusIt’s never too late to go after what you want, and you don’t have to wait until a New Year rolls around to get started. Today is the perfect day to begin to eliminate faulty focus and choose to manifest the life you want.

Start with a clear vision. Decide what it is you are seeking. Better relationships? Optimal use of time? Being more present? Here are some guidelines to realizing those outcomes.

1. Right Relationships. Loyalty is a wonderful quality, but not when it keeps you stuck in relationships that no longer serve you. One clue to spotting such a dynamic? You dread showing up and leave wondering why you bothered. If you’re an average of the five people you surround yourself with most often, is this representative of who you want to be?

2. Time Tested. Be honest, are you frittering away too much time on mindless activities like social media or nightly TV? What about when you get together with others? Is it for networking groups or to deepen your knowledge in your field? Or do you solely get together for things like book club or bunko? Either way, consider, is this your tribe of choice or convenience? Do you walk away feeling full or empty? Set your priorities like billionaire businessman Warren Buffet does. He has said that for every 100 opportunities presented to him, he says no 99 times.

3. Perfectly Present. If your mantra is, “There’s not enough time,” chances are you can’t get focused because there are too many distractions. Choose mindfulness over multi-tasking. When you eat, eat. Don’t simply gulp something down while working at your computer. When you are talking with someone, look them in the eyes. Connect with them. If you are listening to a podcast, listen, rather than checking emails throughout. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a breather. Literally. Set a timer for five minutes, close your eyes, breathe deeply and reset. This mini-meditation not only clears your mind, but comes loaded with health benefits.

When a light is focused, it becomes a laser. Think what you can achieve in the next few months when you hone your focus.

Focus Forward Pledge: If you’d like to be held accountable, hit reply and send me your focus commitment for the rest of the year. At year end, I’ll send back your pledge for reflection and celebration. Not sure what to choose? Select the one behavior that will have the greatest impact on your career when implemented or would bring you the most freedom and joy in your life.

My Focus Forward Pledge: When in the office, I will invest a fast 15 minutes sorting email before setting a timer for 90 focused minutes on my highest priority deliverable.

Together, let’s make this happen!