Video: What do World Class Innovators Do?

Video: What do World Class Innovators Do?
Jim Carroll

Each year, Deloitte South Africa presents their annual “Best Companies to Work For In South Africa” survey, and coincident with that, they honour companies that show the best talent management practices. The companies are selected through a diligent process ; the entire event is built around the theme of world class HR and talent management practices.

This year, Deloitte engaged me to provide a “video keynote” that would touch upon the key themes from this years research into the best practices around talent management. The result is the video that you see below. It captures the essence of what makes for successful innovation in today’s global high velocity economy.

Video: Innovators Thrive on Fast Paced Ideas

Innovators Thrive on Fast Paced Ideas
Jim Carroll

Jim challenges an audience to think about collaboration in the era of the ‘global idea machine.’

In this case, Jim was the opening keynote speaker for the 2010 US Navy/Marine/Air Force Child Youth Program conference  in Dallas, Texas, and was there to challenge them to think differently in terms of service delivery, particularly as parents and children on military bases come to expect different forms of support and interaction.

Mindshare Minute # 4 – Ask for Testimonials!

Mindshare Minute # 4 – Ask for Testimonials!
Libby Gill, CSP

Did you know that you’ve got easy access to one of the most effective means of building your brand? And you’re probably not even using it.

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