The 3 Biggest Website Woes

by Libby Gill

Quick!  What are the three critical elements your website homepage must have?  I say “quick” because you’ve only got about five seconds to capture the attention of your site visitors.

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Time’s a-wastin’ so here are those three things you need to watch out for web-wise:

  1. Clarity of message.  While it’s nice to be clever with your copy and images, if your customers don’t get who you are and what you do at a glance, they’re gone. Make sure you have a concise and compelling message.
  2. Visual appeal.  Just because your 8 year old nephew can build your website, doesn’t mean he should.  Your site needs to look professional, stylish and up to date.  Get a professional on the case.
  3. Call to action.  You’ve probably heard the old Sales 101 adage “ask for the business.”  Well, it’s the same with your website.  You need to ask for the business by telling your visitors what to do.  Whether it’s sign up for your free tips, buy a product, click a link, or join a community – take them by the hand and lead them along.

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