Be a ROCK STAR Presenter (Pt 1 of 3)

Be a ROCK STAR Presenter (Pt 1 of 3)
by Darren Hardy

Success in today’s world comes down to your ability to sell your ideas, expand your influence and enroll others into a worthy mission or cause. That means you need to learn to present. In this 3-part series I will outline some key ideas to help you become a ‘rock star’ at it.

By the way, EVERYBODY is a public speaker. Maybe you’re presenting your ideas at an office meeting, interviewing for a new job, pitching your argument for why a new piece of office equipment is needed or trying to convince your friends which movie should win the Oscar. Whatever the situation, being able to speak effectively in public is essential to success.

A recent survey conducted by Distinction discovered that, of the executives and entrepreneurs surveyed, more than 86 percent said being able to present effectively has a significant impact on their income and success.

How to be Death-Defying
According to most studies, people’s No. 1 fear is public speaking
. No. 2 is death. Doesn’t that sound insane? People would rather die than speak in public. That means if you go to a funeral, more people would rather climb into the casket than give the eulogy!

First off, let’s put this into proper perspective: No one has ever died giving a bad presentation… Well, except for President William Henry Harrison–he developed pneumonia after giving the longest inaugural address in U. S. history. Which I guess is our first lesson on giving a presentation–keep it short… or you might die… or at least kill the attention span of your audience.
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