2011: How to Live Your Best Year Ever

2011: How to Live Your Best Year Ever
by Darren Hardy

Are you feeling a little bummed or even disappointed in where you are in life right now?

Did you think you would be doing a little bit better and be a little further along in life by now?

Are you a little down on yourself about how you have let your body go… or your relationships wane a bit… or maybe you’re frustrated about the fact you aren’t doing better in your job or business… or you haven’t been the parent you wanted to be?

Maybe it’s even worse and you have recently filed for bankruptcy… or maybe you are recently divorced or just suffered a heart attack or some other serious health condition?

If so, it’s time for a turning point.

You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity–doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. You’re not insane are you? If you want the next year to be different than the last year, then now is the time to do something different.

Here is a very inspiring realization: No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future.

When you wake up tomorrow the canvas of your life is blank. You can paint a completely different picture tomorrow than you have ever painted before. Your past does not equal your future. You can hit the reset button to your life at any time. I want to suggest you hit it today.

I want to help you. I can show you how to achieve in a few months what it takes others an entire lifetime to achieve. If you’ve got the ambition and the passion to radically redesign your future.

Please enjoy the final video in this series below.

Do you want to make THIS year the year you not only set big goals, but actually achieve them?

What if there was a system that would materialize any goal you wanted? What goals would you declare for 2011?

I can tell you from personal experience, there is such a system.

I spent much of 2010 analyzing my own practices and processes as well as collecting up all the best I have discovered on human motivation, commitment, consistency and performance. This mixed with my personal goal achievement system that has enabled me to earn millions of dollars in a multitude of different industries. I am excited to announce that now this same system is available to you.

As you know by now there is a huge difference between goal setting and goal achieving. Many set goals, few achieve them. To set goals you need piece of paper and a pencil. To achieve goals you need a system of execution and performance–on that will guide you ever step of the way, all year-long. That is what I have designed for you in the Living Your Best Year Ever system. In the beautiful 240-page leather bound journal includes:

  • Instructional Guide walking you through the entire process
  • Life Assessment Worksheets
  • Goal Designing Formula and Program
  • A complete 52-Week, 12-Month and 4-Quarter Achievement Management System (key!)
  • Personal Development Training for Sustained Achievement
  • PLUS an accompanying 4-CD audio program with exclusive content

I hope you like it! Get Yours Now

And I hope you have enjoyed this series and mostly I hope that it has been valuable in helping you live the best year of your life (thus far!) in 2011. I can’t wait to read the stories of how some of you use the ideas to achieve great goals in the year ahead.


Content republished with permission from Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine. For more great insights, tips and strategies on success and achievement go to http://DarrenHardy.SUCCESS.com More about Darren Hardy can be found at: http://DarrenHardy.SUCCESS.com/About

Confessions of a Claustrophobic Fighter Pilot

Confessions of a Claustrophobic Fighter Pilot: How courage, focus, and wingmen can help you tackle your fears
Waldo Waldman, CSP

Watch CNN Video

Three years into my eleven year Air Force flying career, my life changed when I almost died during a scuba diving trip in the Caribbean. Thirty feet under the water and exhausted from excessive use of my arms to swim, I inhaled a full lungful of water and had the most intense panic attack of my life. I literally thought I was going to die.

A week later, I found myself back in the cockpit on a training mission in bad weather. Unable to see the ground or the sky, I felt closed in. My mask tightened, my pulse quickened, and I suddenly had difficulty breathing. I became lightheaded and anxious and the panicky feeling I experienced a week ago reared its ugly head again. I screamed to myself, “Get me out of this plane!”
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How a Small Business Becomes a Big Business

How a Small Business Becomes a Big Business
Jay Goltz

It didn’t start with an ambitious business plan, venture capital or a new app. Actually, it started  with a young Abt, David Abt. He was a 31-year-old in 1936, the year he borrowed $800 dollars from his new wife to open a store selling radios. He called it Abt Radio.

Flash forward 74 years. Abt Electronics, as it is now known, has 500 employees and 200 delivery trucks in one location, a 350,000-square-foot store on 37 acres in Glenview, Ill., a suburb north of  Chicago. The store sells a range of goods like refrigerators and plasma TVs (you could argue that the Web site is a second store, a national one at that).
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Business Productivity: For Executives – Organization

Business Productivity: For Executives – Organization
Laura Stack, CSP

“Ignorance is not bliss. It’s fatal. It’s costly. And it’s for losers. You either get organized, or get crushed.” — Donald Trump, American businessman

One of the Six Keys of workplace competence is Accessibility: your ability to organize the inputs and outputs in your work life, so that you can easily locate data in any medium–whether it’s in paper files, on your computer system, on the company Intranet, or distributed in your team members’ heads. Given the fact that modern workers are constantly bombarded with data and communications, just being able to access information efficiently can enhance productivity to a surprising degree.

At the C-Suite level, Accessibility morphs into Organization … and from a productivity standpoint, it’s more important than ever. Organization means more than just maintaining an efficient schedule and getting your personal workspace shipshape. By the time you reach upper management, you ought to be a virtuoso at that level of accessibility, and you should also have a personal staff to help you keep things accessible. But when you’re overseeing a whole organization, company, or division, your organizational bailiwick expands. At that level, true Organization requires a thorough understanding of not just personal accessibility, but also the systems that define and support your entire team. They need to be as tight and effective as possible, and it’s up to you to ensure that reality — if necessary, by imposing it from the top.
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A.D.H.D. and the Business Owner: Is It a Gift?

A.D.H.D. and the Business Owner: Is It a Gift?
Jay Goltz

Is it the gift that keeps on giving? Or the gift that keeps on taking?

That is the question I was asking myself after a recent conversation with a woman named Nancy Snell. She approached me and introduced herself after I participated in a panel discussion in New York. She said she coaches businesspeople who have A.D.H.D, the shorthand for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The condition is frequently mentioned in reference to kids, but people don’t necessarily outgrow it when they become adults. My first thought was, Who sent you? Is this is an intervention?

It has been recognized that many successful people have A.D.H.D. In many cases, it is a critical ingredient to their success. A lesser known fact is that it can also be a cause of stress, self-loathing, embarrassment and lack of productivity. Like many things, A.D.H.D. takes many forms. It can be mild to crippling. It can be a great source of energy, or a great source of grief. I asked Ms. Snell what questions business owners should ask themselves to determine whether they have some form of A.D.H.D. Here are her five questions:

  1. Do you struggle with day-to-day planning, project management and follow-up?
  2. Do you lack the systems, discipline and focus to manage your workload?
  3. Do you procrastinate too much and fail to accomplish things that need to get done?
  4. Do you feel you’re not as effective and productive as you would like to be?
  5. Are you easily distracted?

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Business Productivity: For Executives – Efficiency

Business Productivity: For Executives – Efficiency
Laura Stack, CSP

“Accountability breeds response-ability.” — Stephen R. Covey

Once you reach the uppermost layers of management, Accountability becomes Efficiency–and as a C-Suite manager, one of your first tasks should be to implement Efficiency wherever necessary.

If you’ve made it to the C-Suite, you didn’t get there by accident. You were elevated to the position because of your demonstrated SuperCompetence in all aspects of your work life. It’s a truism that you can’t be SuperCompetent without having a highly-developed sense of Accountability; and as one of your company’s leaders, you’re a cornerstone upon which the entire organization rests. This means that you have to set the Efficiency example for your team to follow.

The buck stops with you because it has to; after all, where else can it go, when you’re sitting at the top of the heap? This being the case, all the factors that define this Key–quick, effective decision-making, accepting both credit and blame, streamlining your work processes, cracking the whip on yourself, eliminating time-wasters, everything–expand and take on more significance than ever before.
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Where’s the Growth? 2011 and Beyond……!

Where’s the Growth? 2011 and Beyond……!
Jim Carroll

One of the highlights of 2010 had to be the day that I was the opening speaker for the 94th Annual General Meeting of the PGA – Professional Golfers Association of America. It was the first time they have ever had an external speaker open their meeting; I was invited in to discuss the major trends that will continue to impact the growth of the game, and the innovation strategies that could be pursued to accomplish that.

So it is  a fitting way to close out 2010 as we wind down the officer here, by offering up a video clip from that keynote, “Where’s the Growth.” It’s from a section in the talk where I put into perspective some of the key trends and innovations which will provide for sustained economic recovery over time.

There some additional insight on trends going forward into the future in my post, “Trending in 2011: 10 Major Trends to Start Thinking About Now.”

Here’s to 2011 – it’s going to be a great year. Indeed, the future is going to be fabulous!

Why Cash Is NOT King

Why Cash Is NOT King
Jay Goltz

“Cash is king” is a well-worn phrase that has been used quite a bit over the last few years. I hate to burst the bubble, but it is not true. Cash can be king for a day, a month or maybe even a year, but eventually it will be unseated by the real king: profit.

Don’t get me wrong, cash is critical. Without cash, a company can become insolvent, unable to pay its people, its bills, its other obligations. The end result could be bankruptcy. But without profit, cash will eventually be revealed as a fraud. Think Bernie Madoff. He had plenty of cash, it just wasn’t his. There are many ways to have cash without profit. It could be borrowed, or from investors, or from customer deposits, or from inventory that was sold but not replaced, or from the sale of an asset.
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Business Productivity: For Executives – Focus

Business Productivity: For Executives – Focus
Laura Stack, CSP

“The older I get, the more I see a straight path where I want to go. If you’re going to hunt elephants, don’t get off the trail for a rabbit.” — T. Boone Pickens, American financier

At the lofty C-Suite level, the SuperCompetent Key of Attention transforms into Focus. Suddenly, your capacity to concentrate on your work and only your work becomes paramount–much more critical that it was before, if only because your actions impact the company more completely than they ever have. A distracted, overwhelmed CEO or VP can be much more damaging than a middle manager who can’t keep his or her head in the game.

Worse, the higher you go, the more distractions you have to deal with. When you’re just Josephine Schmoe down in Cubical Land, it’s hard enough to filter out electronic distractions, sudden drop-ins, and the noisy neighbors who want to socialize all day outside your cube. When you enter management, you suddenly have even more people who want a piece of your time, and, often, more who actually deserve one; so you have to try extra hard to avoid wasting your time on distractions. You especially have to disconnect yourself from your electronic leashes (especially handhelds and the Web) and force them back into their original function as tools. Focus!
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Get a Sneaky Head Start on 2011

Get a Sneaky Head Start on 2011
by Darren Hardy


This is the first week in our exclusive four-part video series on Living Your Best Year Ever.

As I say in the video, I see it as my job to give YOU an unfair advantage in life. If you have chosen to subscribe to SUCCESS magazine and/or this blog, I think that makes you special.


Out of more than 6 billion people on the planet, you have self-selected to subscribe and take the time to read, watch, comment and participate in your learning, growth and greater success.

Yes dang-it! That DOES make you special.

Because of that I want to be sure you have a killer advantage over everyone else, so I am going to draw on some of the best (and sneakiest!) strategies I have picked up, practiced and proven freakishly effective during this video blog series.

A new video will be released each Tuesday for the rest of December. Be sure to pass this link on to as many people as you want to help finish the year strong and get the killer advantage going into 2011: http://DarrenHardy.SUCCESS.com

In this first video I will reveal three strategies you can use to jump your revenue in the final throes of December and get a HUGE head start on 2011 that will aghast and stun your competition. Watch the video below and then share the love with your team.

What are your killer year-end strategies? What do you do to get a jump on the competition before the calendar page flips?


Content republished with permission from Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine. For more great insights, tips and strategies on success and achievement go to http://DarrenHardy.SUCCESS.com More about Darren Hardy can be found at: http://DarrenHardy.SUCCESS.com/About