How to Change the World

How to Change the World
Darren Hardy

Since there was so much interest in the “Enough Already!” article, I wanted to extend the discussion by sharing something incredibly profound with you…

This article could change the life you experience forever. No joke.

I want to show you how to completely change the world…  in an instant.

This might be a bit controversial for many, and even more won’t have the stomach to do what I am suggesting…

You can rid the world of all wars, crimes, scandals, gossip, corruption and international conflict.

You have that much power…  in the palm of your hand.

Are you ready to change the world (if you dare)?

Hit the ‘OFF’ button.

Turn OFF your TV
Turn OFF your radio
Turn OFF your newspaper subscription
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Mindshare Minute # 4 – Ask for Testimonials!

Mindshare Minute # 4 – Ask for Testimonials!
Libby Gill, CSP

Did you know that you’ve got easy access to one of the most effective means of building your brand? And you’re probably not even using it.

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Business Efficiency: Audio Podcast: Resolve to Stop the Meeting Madness!

Business Efficiency: Audio Podcast: Resolve to Stop the Meeting Madness!
Laura Stack, CSP

Around this time of year, everyone begins thinking about making resolutions and getting organized for greater productivity in the New Year. If I could pick a single goal for everyone, it would be revamping those time-sucking meetings!

Arming Your Managers

Arming Your Managers
By Jay Goltz

Through many years of trial and error and plenty of terror, I have come up with a tool belt of responses that I give to new managers. It helps them prepare for the everyday experiences of mentoring, training, managing and holding responsible the people that report to them. It works for us.

“You’re going home a hero!” Who doesn’t want to hear that? It is easy to take the good stuff for granted when things are going well. Even just saying something like, “you know, no one is better at doing that than you are,” can make a difference. There are hundreds of things we can say, but we forget to do it because we get busy dealing with problems. I try to remind myself to look for opportunities to acknowledge and thank.
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The Leadership Gene

The Leadership Gene
Do you take the lead, even when no one is following?

Mel Robbins
March 19, 2010

Leadership landed me a job. Just not in a way you might think.

I always plan to show up early for every appointment – “just in case.” There are many variables, from traffic to parking to finding the right building and floor. I don’t always get there early, but I do plan for it.

This was one of those days when everything just clicked. No traffic. Open parking. Bizarrely smooth sailing. I turned out to be 20 minutes early.

I killed time by buying coffee and a magazine, and I went in to see the receptionist. I could just sit and relax and read and wait.

It was the summer of 2001. I had just started my career as a business coach for some big companies like Johnson & Johnson and Bear Sterns. This was going to be a big account for me, if I got the job. I was supposed to meet with some guy named Alex–a bigwig, senior VP. I had my pitch completely nailed. I had practiced exactly what I was going to say to land the account. I had it down cold. I was so confident I was simply going to enjoy the magazine and my coffee in the waiting area.

This story sticks out in my mind because of one singular image: the ladies’ room. I was in a professional office building; I expected certain things. One of them was a relatively clean restroom. But I was shocked when I walked in. It was a mess. Something akin to “the horror” Col. Kurtz was talking about in Apocalypse Now.

I emerged from my stall to see a woman, a businesswoman, cleaning up–picking up the paper towels, wiping up the sink area. I was so impressed that I immediately mimicked her actions. I didn’t want anyone to think I was in any way responsible for contributing to this catastrophe.

I attempted to make small talk and support her plan of attack, saying, “A woman’s work is never done…”

“Do you think women feel so at ease in here they are truly themselves, or is it the opposite, and they just stop caring?” she asked me, then scooted out the door.

I returned to my coffee and magazine in the waiting area until the receptionist ushered me into the vice president’s office for my big interview. And there she sat: the woman from the ladies’ room.

“Hi, I’m Mel.”

“Nice to meet you, Mel; I’m Alex.” Silly for me, of all people, to think I had to be meeting a guy.

“I have to tell you, Alex, you really got me thinking about bathroom etiquette,” I said. “I think people just don’t think it’s their job. They know someone else will take care of it.”

Alex replied quickly: “Then I think most people are missing the point.”

“You are absolutely right. I learned one thing today. A true leader leaves the bathroom cleaner than they found it. You are someone I definitely have to work with.”

And with that, I had the job. No planned speech, no résumé. We just saw eye to eye. She taught me a lesson I carry with me to this very day. When I get up and leave a conference room, a public restroom, any space, I want to be the example. Leading is just that–taking the lead.

Alex was right. Most people are missing the point. A true leader leaves the bathroom cleaner than they found it.

How do you behave when no one is watching? Answer that, and you’ll know whether you truly have the leadership gene. If you do, I’d follow you anywhere. Even in a public restroom.


Content republished with permission from Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine. For more great insights, tips and strategies on success and achievement go to More about Darren Hardy can be found at:

Springing Into Service

Springing Into Service
Libby Gill

There’s nothing sweeter to a parent than realizing that despite middle school angst and teenage traumas, your child — strike that, your young adult — has turned out better than you could possibly have hoped. Because he (or she) has discovered what it means to serve others.

This Spring has gotten off to an especially sweet start for me because my son Harrison, a freshman at the University of California at San Diego, is spending his Spring Break in the highlands of Guatemala helping build a school in a poverty-stricken rural area. Never a party animal, I knew my son wouldn’t spend his week hanging out playing video games, but I hardly expected him to volunteer to get four inoculations and go wield a hammer for seven days.
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Rule #1 to Building Trusting Relationships in a Tough Economy

Rule #1 to Building Trusting Relationships in a Tough Economy
Waldo Waldman

One of the most challenging times of my life was in April of 1999 during Operation Allied Force. I was flying night combat missions in Serbia against the corrupt regime of Slobodan Milosevic. The anxiety and fear I felt during this period was at times overwhelming.

It wasn’t just the enemy surface to air missiles that got me nervous. Nor was it the fact that Serbian forces had already shot down several jets and were jamming our radars.
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It’s Not Just the Economy

It’s Not Just the Economy
Jay Goltz

It has been easy for the last year and a half to blame the difficult small-business environment on the financial crisis and the slow recovery. A big rebound does not seem in sight for most businesses, at least not in the near future. After looking at my business and speaking to other small-business owners, I have come to the conclusion that the problem is not just the economy but also some profound changes that have been progressing for years.

Inexpensive imports have changed the marketplace. It wasn’t that long ago that Sam Walton would proudly advertise the fact that much of his merchandise was “Made in America” – in fact, that’s what he called his autobiography. Mr. Walton is gone, and so is the merchandise.

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Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky
Darren Hardy

The Irish aren’t the only ones who have the lucky charm.

Do you think you are lucky-or unlucky? Your luck lies in whether you believe you are or not. You have to believe in luck to see it, and to realize it.

When I met Richard Branson, I asked if he felt luck played a part in his success. He answered, “Yes, of course, we are all lucky. If you live in a free society, you are lucky. Luck surrounds us every day; we are constantly having lucky things happen to us, whether you recognize it or not. I have not been any more lucky or unlucky than anyone else. The difference is when luck came my way, I took advantage of it.”

“I have not been any more lucky or unlucky than anyone else. The difference is when luck came my way, I took advantage of it.” -Richard Branson

Ah, there it is…told to you straight by Sir Richard.
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$15 Billion But Not a Lot of Sense

$15 Billion but Not a Lot of Sense
Jay Goltz

The Senate has passed a $15 billion package that is aimed at helping small businesses. There are two key parts. One is the extension of section 179 of the tax code, which allows up to $250,000 of capital expenditures to be expensed immediately instead of being depreciated over time. This will motivate some companies to make capital expenditures that will reduce their tax bills, which is good for the economy. The other part is the suspension of FICA payments for the rest of the year for new hires.

I am a business owner with about 95 employees. I am trying to find the logic in this part of the bill. You either need to hire someone or you don’t. As I’ve written before, I can’t imagine a company hiring someone because it is going to save on FICA. But for the sake of argument, let’s say that lots of companies do just that. The proposed legislation also stipulates that the companies will get the tax break only if they hire workers who have been unemployed for at least 60 days.
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